Twin Cities Townhomes with Three Car Garages

See ALL Twin Cities townhouses with three car garages for sale right here.

Are you looking for a nice Twin Cities townhouse with a three car garage? Well, good luck to you, then!

Just kidding.

Actually there are a few of them out there, but not very many, and as today’s baby boomers are downscaling, they may be willing to sell their single family homes, but they don’t want to sell their beloved boats, so they need a place to keep them. Even if you don’t own a boat, that third stall comes in handy for storage or a place to leave your mess. Not only are baby boomers looking for Twin Cities townhomes with three car garages, but so are younger people with kids, and you can bet your oldest son’s motocross that they want a place to keep all of those toys. Do you really think that your kids will hang their bikes up on the ceiling when they are done using them? Ha! That third garage stall will sure come in handy.

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