Townhomes and Condos in Minneapolis

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Here is your big list of Minneapolis condos and townhomes for sale. The condo market in Minneapolis is one of the hottest condo markets in Minnesota, and sales are fueled by low interest rates. Note: Some Minneapolis condos do not qualify for FHA financing, so be sure to call us so we can verify that the Minneapolis condos that you are interested in do actually qualify. Do you have pets? Let us know, and we will find the perfect condo for you and your Pitbull or Rottweiller. I love dogs too, but some people don’t, and you don’t want to live near those kinds of people anyway. Some townhomes and condos in Minneapolis forbid dogs altogether, have number and weight limits or breed restrictions.

This list will include converted mansions, apartment condo conversions, and luxury penthouse condos, as well as handicap accessible units.

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The Future of Minneapolis Condos and Townhomes

Town houses are expected to be the wave of the future; demographers believe that single-person dwellings (i.e. Twin Cities townhomes and condos) will be in high demand in the very near future. This may be the best time to buy a Minneapolis condo or townhome that you will ever see.

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