Minnetonka One Level Townhouses on Sale!

Isn’t it time for you to sell that big empty house with the big high-maintenance yard and get yourself an easy lifestyle in a one level townhome in the Twin Cities, perhaps in Minnetonka? Go ask your kids! They will tell you it is time!

See ALL one level Minnetonka townhouses (AS AVAILABLE)

From the market standpoint, it is HIGH time! Prices aren’t going down, and the supply is not going up. Turnover is low on all-one-level townhomes in the Twin Cities, and Minnetonka is no exception to this trend.

One levels are great because you don’t have to fall down the stairs anymore to get to the kitchen for your midnight snack!

Check out the photos on this listing and you will see that they are loaded up with goodies like hardwood floors and granite countertops. You might even find a detached Minnetonka townhouse with one floor living, which would be a big bonus for you!

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