Eden Prairie Townhomes with Four Bedrooms or More

Why buy a single family house for your growing family when you can get an Eden Prairie townhome with four bedrooms, maybe even more bedrooms. All 4+br townhomes are in this list.

See all four bedroom townhouses for sale in Eden Prairie

You don’t really wan’t to mow grass, and you sure as heck aren’t going to get your kids to do it. Do you think they really need a back yard? For what? Volleyball? Reality check… your kids are so over scheduled with school and athletic activities that all they want to do when they get home is just play video games.

Four Bedroom Town Houses Offer Plenty of Room

A four bedroom townhome in Eden Prairie will do just fine, and every kid can have his/her own room for hanging up dreadful and tasteless posters and for strewing dirty laundry all over the floor. But the neighbors will never know that your townhouse in Eden Prairie is a mess because the association will take care of the outside . Also, townhomes are a good investment because you don’t have to worry about neighbors parking broken-down automobiles in the tall grass out back or a snowmobile in the front yard.

Hartford Commons, Hennepin Village, and Bearpath

Sometimes four bedroom units appear in Hartford Commons and Hennepin Village. Of course, if you want to find a particularly large townhouse, check out Bearpath.

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