Townhouses in Lakeville, Minnesota for Sale: Single Level, Detached, All Styles

Lakeville is the crown jewel of Dakota County MN, especially if you are looking for a high quality of life. The Lakeville ISD 194 is especially prized by parents who are looking for quality education for their children. And yes, plenty of people with kids are buying Lakeville townhomes. Townhouses in Lakeville are more affordable than single family homes, and you can usually find a nicer, newer one for the money than you can a single family house. In fact, you can find a nice clean one with a low association fee for less than 250K.

See ALL Lakeville townhome listings at this link.

Lakeville MN townhouse owners enjoy easy access to both downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul, as well as the Mall of America and the MSP airport. The townhouse market is resilient in this Dakota County community, and they are expected to make good long-term investments.

Consider Lakeville Detached and One Level Townhomes

Considering the demographic trends of an aging population, there is an ever-increasing inventory of buyers looking for one level and detached townhouses in Lakeville. Also, find great prices on side by side units and quads. Prices are tens of thousands of dollars less for identical units found on the north side of the river.

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